Epic Adventures

  • 2019 - The Pacific Crest Trail

    A review: After a few twists & turns and lengthy travel by taxi, plane, bus, train, and bus… and a morning hitch because of a snowy overnight in southern California …and a brief one-mile road-walk, we managed to reach the PCT trailhead at the US/Mexican border on Friday morning, February 22. After a convoluted 125-mile northbound hike dodging the snow and ice-cold rain we found ourselves heading into even more snow yet. Clearly, we and the other early-2019 starters were in for an unusually late winter and with 150% of the ‘normal’ snowfall we needed a better plan. Some hikers opted to wait in place for better days; others skipped around, moving ever forward only to find more white stuff ahead again and again; some simply quit; we opted to flip to mile 651, Walker Pass, and hike southbound on a generally snow-free PCT back toward San Jacinto / Idyllwild – hoping for a general melt-off in the high passes. Once that was completed, we, again, headed home. By this time the snow pack in the Central California mountains had increased to 180% and continued its winter-like conditions for ten days after we were safely inside watching the 65” Sony television; 650 miles done; the entries on the PCT facebook page continuously confirming our wisdom.

    We Are Not Beaten, Yet

    We will watch the snow pack in Washington, which received less than 80% of its normal snow, and in late June or early July we will head to the northern terminus and hike southward toward Walker Pass. Even then, as we get closer to higher elevations of the Cascades, we will probably need to adjust this year’s plans.

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  • 2018 - The Upper Mississippi River Paddle Trail

    Having paddled 950 miles of the Lower Mississippi between St Louis and Baton Rouge in the spring of '17 and not having many epic rivers remaining to test, we headed for the 1367-mile Upper Mississippi. Starting near the faux source, Lake Itasca, of the mighty Ms, we headed to a pull-out above St Louis. Hoped for more time so we could go further... the river is undammed below the Chain of Rocks. The first hundred miles were news to us - we perfer to keep planning to the minimum. Then things were as expected. Then the flooding began and the fun slipped away. Facebook

  • 2017 - Florida's Saltwater Paddle Trail

    A segmented paddling trip.
    2017-Part Three: May 6 -September 14, 2017. Following a u-haul portage between Baton Rouge LA and Spanish Fort AL, a re-launch in Mobile Bay and a paddle of Florida's Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail before being forced off of the water on Day 131 by Hurricane Irma at FCT Mile 1324, Coco FL. Read End Cap

  • 2017 - the Mississippi River

    A segmented paddling trip.
    2017-Part Two: March 9 - May 2, 2017. Launching in St Charles MO and paddling 950 miles of the Mississippi River in 52 days before pulling out in Baton Rouge due to continued flooding and a week of horrific winds. Click: Other paddlers decided quitting was wise too

  • 2016 - the Missouri River Paddle Trail

    A segmented paddling trip.
    2016-Part One: June 20 - October 20, 2016. 122 days paddling 2,100 miles of the Missouri River and five of its great lakes, ending in St Charles MO. Capped with an end-to-end-to-end yo-yo of the famed Katy Trail; or '500 Miles using $100 Walmartainment bicycles...'

  • 2012 - the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail

    A two part kayak trip paddling over 2300 miles. Part One: starting on the Tennessee River at Guntersville AL and stopping in Panacea FL after 74 days; Part Two: continuing from Panacea and ending in Savanah GA after 124 days.Read More

  • 2010 - an Epic Double Crossing of the United States

    A 207 day, 10,000 mile bicycle ride thru 28 states, starting and ending in Alabama while spending only 3 nights indoors.Read More

  • 2009 - Alabama Scenic River Trail

    A 107 day Forrest Gump paddle of the longest in-one-state river trail - 647 miles; downriver(s) then upriver(s) then downriver some more.Read More

  • 2008 - Appalachian Trail - 2548 miles, Alabama to Maine

    Started March 17th 2008 on Alabama's Pinhoti Trail, then Georgia's Pinhoti, then a seciton of the Benton MacKaye and finally connecting to the A.T. in Fontana Village 350 miles later. Ending in Maine in October and then seven weeks bicycling another 1700 miles to homeless-sweet-homeless.Read More