• Surviving several lives, prior to '07 Warren had already accomplished all the typical, and, good-citizen endeavors: serving most of eight years in the Marines; working 15 years in southeast Texas Oil; playing deputy sheriff and State Police in NOLA for 3 years; helping folks with their computer problems for eight years with EDS from a Bellsouth Data Center; and, along the way he helped raise four new citizens (sadly, there's not a CEO among them), bought cars, houses & toys; He has a couple of ex-wives – AND three successful divorces.
  • Since September '08 he has bicycled, kayak, or hiked "to or thru" 42 states covering over thirty thousand miles; with over 25k being solo, as in 'no one to tell him when to start or stop. Between June of 2016 and January 2022 he had the fortune of a Hiking, kayaking and bicycling partner.


  • Warren: Epic Travels; Internet/computer security; Chess;


  • Minor Adventurer


  • SSgt USMC 1969-77 mos: 0311, 8651, 5922, 5959 Expert Rifleman 5 Awards
  • Texas Oil Field Atlas Wireline 1977-1992 job: Elect Tech, Digital Eng
  • Orleans Parish Deputy Sheriff 1992-94
  • EDS/Bellsouth Data Center 1999-07 job: in-house Technical Support
  • Adventuring 2008-present job: Director of MOE - My Own Entertainment
  • Climbed Mt Fuji Japan 1970
  • Bicycled home after Thru-ing the Appalachain Trail
  • First Hiker to carry a Smartwater Bottle on the Appalachian Trail
  • Third Paddler to kayak Alabama's Scenic River Trail
  • First Paddler to kayak back to Georgia afterwards, upriver!
  • Third AND 27th Paddler to kayak Florida's Circumnavigational Trail
  • Bicycled from Alabama to Alabama through 27 States, 10,000 miles

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Trail Names

  • Warren, interWebberly 'known of' as gubbool
  • Hiking on the Appalachian Trail '22 as TWO