2018 Part 3 End Cap

A short 180 Miles

A Landing ...Not Too Far

Part 3 Endcap. Following a work-filled fall and winter in Connecticut dismantling Diane's 70 acre shade tobacco farm they headed to Alabama to pick up the kayaks and gear before continuing back to Cocoa. But first they attended the FCT Rendezvous, an annual reunion of past, present, and future FCT paddlers held over the weekend of April 20th.

After conversations and slightly exaggerated tales between several of the 24 finishers and with a belated tee shirt awarded for the '11-12 paddle of the FCT it was time to start the ending, Ft Clinch.

Warren and Diane pushed off from Cocoa on April 27th, 2018 and headed north to the eastern terminus. Fourteen days later they arrived at their final destination of their epic trip. A trip covering four thousand seven hundred twenty-five miles: twenty-two hundred miles of the Missouri, nine hundred-fifty miles of the Lower Mississippi, sixty miles of the Alabama Gulf Coast, and one thousand five hundred fifteen miles of Florida'a coast in 203 paddling days while crossing or at least camping in fifteen states.