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2018 - Yosemite Half Dome


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2018 - Travel Wrap-up for the Year

Summary of the distances traveled by ....

Train Dang it, the most 'looking for it' trip, and none were taken. However, I was on the train during last Great Train Robbery in Jim Wells County
1 April from B'ham to Idaho Falls D & W
2 April from Idaho Falls to B'ham D & W
3 October Idaho Falls to the Caymans Diane
4 October Caymans to Connecticut Diane
5 October Idaho Falls to Connecticut Warren
1 April between Connecticut and Alabama D & W
2 April Idaho-Montana-Idaho D & W
3 April between Alabama and Florida D & W
4 May between Florida and Alabama D & W
5 May between Alabama and Idaho D & W
6 August trip to Zion Utah D & W
7 October trip to Yosemite Ca D & W
8 September side trip for Bawl'n Dwight D & W
9 October between Connecticut and Idaho D & W
10 December trip to Seattle, WA Dwight
Oh god, no! never again. Did that once, 34 hours between St Louis and Connecticut. That's a lesson learned.
1 May 200 milesbetween Anniston AL and Smyrna GA D & W
1 April 200 miles 14 days from Cocoa FL to the Georgia border D & W
2 August 900 miles 76 days from Lake Itasca Minnesota to St. Louis Mo D & W

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2019 - Planned Pacific Crest Trail

Planning a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail for 2019. Diane hiked a chunk of it in 1995 and thru-ed in 1996.

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