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  • Surviving several lives, prior to '07 Warren had already accomplished all the typical, and, good-citizen endeavors: serving most of eight years in the Marines; working 15 years in southeast Texas Oil; playing deputy sheriff and State Police in NOLA for 3 years; helping folks with their computer problems for eight years with EDS from a Bellsouth Data Center; and, along the way he helped raise four new citizens (sadly, there's not a CEO among them), bought cars, houses & toys; He has a couple of ex-wives – AND three successful divorces.
  • Since September '08 he has bicycled, kayak, or hiked over thirty thousand miles; with over 25k being solo, as in 'no one to tell him when to start or stop. Since June 2016 he's had the great fortune of a Hiking, kayaking and bicycling partner, Diane.
  • Diane has a broken family tree leading back to Benedict Arnold. She comes from a hearty Connecticut stock that grows tobacco in the shade (ask her). She has hiked the Pacific Crest (solo) and the Appalachian Trails (w/kid-in-tow) and Canada's section of the International Appalachian Trail among polar bears (again, solo) - which was the connection to our adventure - padding kayaks 4650 miles from Fort Benton Missouri to Ft Clinch at the GA/FL border. That was her first experience in a yak/canoe. You gotta admire a brave adventurous woman (and pity the crazy).
  • Their first date lasted 122 days. Perhaps you've heard of that 'Stockholm Syndrome' thingy? By the time they had paddled to the first place a human could escape (and survive) the remote Montana Wilds of the Missouri River she had well identified with her captor. In fact, later, in late October, even though she had escaped for six days and had made it to the Cayman Isles, she voluntarily returned for a second date - a brutal 30-day 500-mile bicycle ride on Missouri's Katy Trail; the third date was 189 days - the Mississippi River and then along the coast of Florida's 1500-mile Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail.


  • Warren: Epic Travels; Internet/computer security; Chess; TWiT
  •   Diane: Epic Travels; Weeding; Reading; Binge Watching


  • Warren: Adventurer
  •   Diane: Retired Farm Girl

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  • Warren, locally 'known of' as gubbool