I have much work to do...

The gps track for Newfoundland that I received is 462 miles long. An IAT page indicates that the length is more like 745 miles.

I have completed a virtual hike of Maine and New Brunswick and am happy-ish with the path and distances - considering all things bumpy and unmeasured.

The IAT Maine is given as 131 miles - my total distance for my Maine segments is 137 miles. Average work - 4.5% error - theirs & mine.

The IAT NB is given as 182 miles - my total for NB is 186 miles - difference of 2%, again, who did the the better work, them or me :)

And I have worked with the Quebec data somewhat and though I have not taken a virtual hike - the distances seemed good to me as I checked the segments - we shall see.

The IAT Quebec is given as 410 miles - my total for Quebec is 414 miles - difference of 1%.... damn I am good.

I have just now found this page which is may have some helpful info for a hiker...

If the 1200km or 745 miles is correct in Newfoundland, then.... well, good luck Lucy because I just do not have that kind of data to work with.

However, using the numbers at and doing the math in my head, the distance is 363 miles. We shall see.

BTW, from the Newfoundland source, "...Trailway/Trans Canada Trail for 160km (96miles) to Stephenville Crossing..." - my estimate is that there's 1608m per mile; and Google says 160km is 99.4194 miles, all day long.


ps. The 1200km comes from a couple of sources, including:

"The Newfoundland extension to the IAT was proposed in 2003 and is still under construction. When complete, the Newfoundland extension will double the existing Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec portion of the IAT with an additional 1,200 km of trail. The official opening of the first trail section of the IAT Newfoundland was September 23, 2006. "

Just saying... I dunno.