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Download GPS/gpx data for Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail

Revision Notice at bottom of this page.

This data is in a .gpx file set up for post 2009 Garmin devices which support 30 Character Waypoint Names with 50 Character Descriptions.

Download Revision 6f (Right Click and use 'Save-As')

Upon request, this Data can be provided in .txt and .xls formats which COULD be used to re-format the data for different devices and shorter waypoint names/desciptions.

Garmin devices support unlimited POI's which does not consume waypoint resources, so, and highly recommended, users should convert and load the .gpx Data as POI's as well as using the waypoints normally - POI's cannot be accidental deleted or moved, that's good thing!

There are several differences between the 2nd and 3rd Editions of the Offical FCT Data Book and the then current Official GPS file received in November from Dean Rogers. Most were errors of 'what was' and 'what is'. A few were significant Lat/Lon errors, such as White Horse Key - off by a mile and nearer mainland, not off into the Gulf. There were 20-ish waypoints in the Book that were not in Dean's file. All differences were resolved in my data files and reported in my Trip Reports submitted in November 2012. My new or adjusted waypoints have a 'J' as part of the waypoint name, ie J1362X PC at mile 1362.

This file lists about 30 new or adjusted waypoints, many of which are unoffical primitive campsites and would be used with the pre-November 2012 Data Books and pdf downloads.

2012 Florida CT J Data.pdf

Two Trip Reports base on my consolidation of the Data Books and GPS file.

2012 FCT Trip Report.pdf
2012 FCT GPS Data Check.pdf

FYI: If the .gpx file is loaded into Garmin's Map Source OR other tools the resulting file MAY not have 50 character descriptions. Check the length of the description for waypoint M0036.4, should be 50 characters, ending with the word 'rentals'. If intending to update this .gpx with your own or new data, it is suggested that you use the tools at http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ to mix files.

Rev 6e:
No data corrections, includes proper GPS symbols for Garmin devices
Rev 6f in Excel format, available for download but not supported. Download

Rev 5f: Download Rev 5f
Initial release with 653 Waypoints & 54 Tracks