2014 BMT Benton MacKaye Trail GPS GPX Files

There are three files available.

For clarity, very long file names have been used. It is suggested that files be renamed when installed on a Garmin device.

Once connected to a computer, you can simply drag-n-drop two of the files to their proper directory on the Garmin device.

On my system I have the following file structure:

Acer (C:)
Garmin Oregon (D:)
SD-8GIG (G:)

Garmin Oregon (D:) is the Oregon's internal memory which has very limited free space for maps and such.
       Several text files exist on the internal memory that might be of interest; including one that can be loaded with owner
       information which is displayed when powering the device ON.
SD-8GIG (G:) is a 8-gig SD memory chip installed on the Oregon; this is the best place to load maps and such.
       The name of the SD memory chip can by any legal name. The needed files for the devices are located in a directory
       named 'Garmin' or a sub-directory named 'GPX' ie. Garmin\GPX

The files:

2014 BMT-AT for Garmin Drag-n-Drop.img (Right-click & Save-as)

2014 BMT-AT for Garmin Drag-n-Drop.img is a Garmin-friendly map image that can be loaded directly on newer Garmin devices.
       Simply drag-n-drop the file to the Garmin directory on the SD chip, ie. G:\Garmin

2014 BMT-AT Trail for POIs.gpx (Right-click & Save-as)

2014 BMT-AT Trail for POIs.gpx contains 1206 waypoints located on the BMT and AT Loop without html syntax. Use Garmin's
       free POI Loader to load onto a Garmin gps'r.
       The POI Loader's job is to read the data from ALL .gpx files located in a directory on the computer and to load it on
       the device. Read its instruction for use.
       POI's are listed and are searchable under the ALL POIs or Extra menu option that come up under the 'Where to?' menu
       option. Once loaded, POIs cannot be edited or accidentally deleted.

2014 BMT-AT Trail - 1206wpts 66trks.gpx (Right-click & Save-as)

2014 BMT-AT Trail - 1206wpts 66trks.gpx is a normal .gpx file with 1206 waypoints and 66 tracks that can also be loaded via Drag & Drop. BUT
       The file needs to be located in the GPX directory, ie. G:\Garmin\GPX

Note: On new Garmin devices, loaded tracks are NOT SHOWN by DEFAULT.
       Users must individually SHOW tracks using the device's Track Manager.
       Tracks need not be enabled/displayed to be located using the 'Where to?" menu option.