Epic Adventures

  • 2016 - the Missouri River Paddle Trail

    126 days between June and November paddling 2,100 miles of the Missouri River and five of its great lakes. Followed by a end-to-end-to-end yo-yo of the famed 240-mile Katy Trail. A planned two part trip covering over 5,000 miles.See Map

  • 2012 - the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail

    A two part kayak trip paddling over 2300 miles. Part I starting on the Tennessee River at Guntersville AL and stopping in Panacea FL after 74 days; Part II continuing from Panacea and ending in Savanah GA after 124 days.Read More

  • 2010 - an Epic Double Crossing of the United States

    A 207 day, 10,000 mile bicycle ride thru 28 states, starting and ending in Alabama while spending only 3 nights indoors.Read More

  • 2009 - Alabama Scenic River Trail

    A 107 day Forrest Gump paddle of the longest in-one-state river trail - 647 miles; downriver(s) then upriver(s) then downriver some more.Read More

  • 2008 - Appalachian Trail - 2548 miles, Alabama to Maine

    Started March 17th 2008 on Alabama's Pinhoti Trail, then Georgia's Pinhoti, then a seciton of the Benton MacKaye and finally connecting to the A.T. in Fontana Village 350 miles later. Ending in Maine in October and then seven weeks bicycling another 1700 miles to homeless-sweet-homeless.Read More